A little background

Understand where I'm coming from

Cool, calm, clear-headed, and most of all, creative…that’s what I aspire to be every day. I’ll be the first to admit that some days are better than others. The creative process is not so neat and tidy. But every day I bring energy, excitement and focus to my craft and those around me. It can be messy, nonetheless I’m driven and determined to succeed.

A Pratt Institute graduate and marketing professional for over 13 years, I am presently the Senior Creative Director at IN Marketing Services in Norwalk, CT. As a company leader, I am entrenched in all aspects of branding and marketing for our CPG clients while managing a creative staff of 20+ associates. From concepting, designing and executing to leadership and management involving budgeting, staffing and mentoring, I am responsible for a workload of over 3000 programs yearly.

I’ve always been fascinated with business, dreaming up way to create something new, even trying a few of them. My passion for design and the arts is endless. I’m a natural born marketer — interested in successful ventures and analytical of the failures. Always I remain committed to servicing my client — whether that’s a corporate partner or local small business — there is no difference.

Living in Norwalk, Connecticut with my husband and son, I spend most weekends tackling new projects and getting into all sorts of adventures with my little guy, Neo. I heart painting (you can see my work here), running and feisty discussions across the family dinner table on Sunday evenings.

Photo to the right: Self portrait taken on October 25, 2012 using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.