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Meijer Healthy Living

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Assignment: To create a logo for a "healthy living" program at Meijer stores. The program would include a monthly brochure spotlighting different products.

The end result, a logo that fits within the Meijer brand —pulling from their corporate mark and in turn leveraging Meijer's brand equity. Looking at the mark vertically it suggests the upward growth of a tree. Looking at it horizontally one can see a weight. Together the two graphic elements combine to create a flower. The center red square acts as a focal point, suggestive of a heart. It is also a play off of the dots of the "i" and "j" in the Meijer corporate mark. The color palette is a combination of the Meijer corporate palette and additional complementary colors. You'll notice that the logo works well against any of the palette colors — allowing flexibility when using the logo without losing any brand integrity.

  • Category: Branding | Client: Meijer